How to Open Links In a New Tab in WordPress

WordPress: How to Open Text Links in a New Tab in WordPress

  • Today we’re going to learn how to open links in a new tab in WordPress starting with text links

In order to that …

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard and find the Post or Page that you have your link on – in this case we’ll be covering how to have your text links open in a new tab
  • Once you’ve reached your link on your post or page click on it and you will see something that looks like this:

Text link pencil image

  • When you hover over the ‘pencil’ you will see the word ‘edit’, click on the pencil and you will see something like this:


Text link image link options / settings


  • When you hover over the ‘wheel’ it will say ‘Link options’, (which is like the link settings) click on the ‘wheel’ and you will see something like this


Insert / Edit Link


  • Hopefully you would have already created your link and you will already have something in the URL and Link Text fields
  • Really simple now – just put a tick in the box next to ‘Open link in a new tab’, once you’ve done that scroll down and click on Update (bottom right hand side)

Yay, now your text links will open in a new tab…


WordPress: How to Open Image Links in a New Tab

  • As with the text links: Go to your Dashboard
  • Open your Post / Page and find the image you would like to open in a new tab
  • Click on the image and you will see a row of icons as shown below


Row of icons to choose from


  • When you hover over the ‘pencil’ you will see the word ‘Edit’ – this is the Image Details window – Click on the pencil and the window will open to something like this:


Image link showing Display Settings


  • NOTE:   Depending on the size of your screen and other factors, you will see something like the screen above with only part of the window showing …
  • Quite often people think that this is the whole window, and don’t realize that there is more to the whole picture than what you’re seeing.  The fact that the Update button is right there, they don’t scroll down to see the rest of the image
  • So, here’s what you’ll see if you get to see the whole image OR if you scroll down:


Image link with Advanced Settings


Filling In the Image Details in WordPress

Caption: You can put something in the Caption area – realizing that if you put something in here, it will show up at the bottom of your image

Alternative Text: You should put something in the Alt Text (for each of your images) – A description of the image – if you haven’t already – this is good for SEO (search engine optimization)


DISPLAY SETTINGS on How to Open Links In a New Tab in WordPress

Align: You can choose the alignment of your image on your website page using Left, Centre, Right or None

Link To: When you first open this and you haven’t created a link, it will usually say None – but since you’ve probably already linked to a Custom URL you will see the address of where you’ve linked to



Go to advanced settings and put in a tick for open in a new tab

If it doesn’t show – scroll down and you will see ADVANCED SETTINGS – Put a tick in the Open link in a new tab box – then click Update.

Woohoo… You’ve done it …


                                                   Well Done – Your Links Now Open in New Tabs

That’s the end of this lesson on How to Open Links In a New Tab in WordPress

Hopefully, that’s been helpful…

If so, could you please leave a comment in the comment section below, or, if you have any questions regarding the above, I would like to hear from you.

Before I go here’s a quick reason…


Why You Would Want Your Links to Open in New Tabs

The reason for having your links (whether they be text links or image links) open in new tabs is advantageous not just for you but for your visitor as well.

Once your visitor has clicked any of your links and it opens in a new tab, it Opening Links in New Tabsmeans that your visitor can still go back to the previous page without having to constantly use the ‘back’ button in order to see your previous content.

For your visitor that’s convenient and for you, your visitor still has a tab open with your website content, which means they still have the opportunity to interact with your website.

Well that’s definitely me…

Thanks for reading to the end of my post, and once again if you have any comments or questions please put them below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

All the best with your online endeavors…



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What is the Wealthy Affiliate Scam? – Is Wealthy Affiliate ACTUALLY a Scam?

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Scam and is Wealthy Affiliate ACTUALLY a Scam?

For me, I KNOW that Wealthy Affiliate is Not a Scam and I’ve posted PROOF below.

Actually I’m not saying they’re perfect either as there’s a couple of things that I don’t like about WA, I’ve outlined those reasons below.


My Proof That Wealthy Affiliate IS NOT a Scam

I’m going to dive straight into this and prove to you that as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate – they’re DEFINITELY not a scam. 

Below is a screen capture of my June 2017 Sales that was paid to my PayPal Account on the 1st of July 2017.


Wealthy Affiliate Commission Received June 1st 2017

Wealthy Affiliate pays on the first of the month for the previous month – EXCEPT…

If someone you introduce to Wealthy Affiliate signs up for a year.  That commission is held for ONE MONTH and paid to you the month after.  Below is an example:

Below is a screen capture of my July 2017 Commissions:


Wealthy Affiliate Sales for July 2017

Here’s a breakdown of the figures above:

  • the $106.50 will be paid to me on the 1st of August 2017 and …
  • the $171.00 is a Yearly Commission I made in July that will be paid to me on the 1st of September 2017 – WooHoo!


NOTE:   As soon as WA has paid the $106.50 on the 1st of August, I will post a screenshot here…

>> UPDATE <<<

Here’s a screen capture of my July 2017 Commissions – Paid to me through PayPal from Wealthy Affiliate on the 1st of August 2017:

Wealthy Affiliate July Commissions Paid on 1st August 2017


Wealthy Affiliate has been paying their affiliates on the 1st of the month, EVERY SINGLE MONTH – For Over 10 Years.  I’m super confident that they will continue to do so for many, many years in the future!

If you think you’d like to look at joining or should you join Wealthy Affiliate – >> Check out my post by Clicking Here <<.

You’ll get a quick review of what Wealthy Affiliate is and an outline of what you get with the FREE Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership and the Premium Membership!

In the meantime, let’s carry on with my post and see …

What’s The Meaning of the Word Scam?

So here’s the meaning of the word ‘scam’ thanks to Dictionary dot com:


Meaning of the Word Scam

I Will Answer Into Number 1 First… 


… especially for making a quick profit; swindle.


I’ve seen a couple of Scam Report Websites calling Wealthy Affiliate a scam and I think everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, but as you can see from the meaning of scam above it says it’s about making a quick profit or swindling someone.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 10 years.  If your program or platform is a scam I’m sure you wouldn’t be around that long.  Yes they do charge for their Premium training, but I’ve been in the ‘make money online’ industry for over 8 years and I’ve paid a lot more for other Premium programs and received less than half of what WA is charging for.


Actually when I first come across someone recommending Wealthy Affiliate I spent a few hours researching and only found a couple of negative posts.  That to me was pretty impressive.

AND once I started going through researching and writing this post I was surprised with what you got as far as training and assistance JUST STAYING a Starter Member which is their free membership!

Click On the Image Link Below …

if you’d like to see Wealthy Affiliate for yourself!  Once there scroll down and you’ll see how the process works.


Free Starter Membership with Wealthy Affiliate


I only stayed a Starter Member for 7 days so I didn’t really get to explore what the Starter Membership included, I went Premium because I could see the huge benefits of doing so.

I’m in the middle of writing a post – Is Wealthy Affiliate Really Free Training in 2017  – where I will be outlining whether it is Free Training or not and how much of it is ACTUALLY free!  I’ll post it here when it’s finished.


Answering Into Number 2 …


… to cheat or defraud with a scam.


Scam and Fraud get thrown around too much in the internet marketing worldThe words ‘scam’ and ‘fraud’ are thrown around so much in the internet marketing world and it’s a real shame.


There’s a lot of great training platforms out there but just because someone is promoting one program, as an affiliate, they often automatically call another program ‘scam’ or ‘fraud’ – just to make an affiliate commission!


I know there’s a lot of marketers out there that write ‘honest reviews’ on products they haven’t actually used, it makes me wonder how they give an ‘honest review’ on a product or service if they haven’t used it because   1. they haven’t even purchased it or   2. they haven’t been given a review copy?


THAT’S what I would call a ‘scam’!


Some Affiliates of Wealthy Affiliates To Blame?

I feel that some affiliates of  Wealthy Affiliates are part of the reason WA is being called scam.

I found a post about Wealthy Affiliate being called a scam.  I’ll share with you here – Click on the image below and you’ll be taken to the post in another tab

Wealthy Affiliate Review

What makes me smile is that the writer, Jeff Lenny says himself that he hasn’t actually gone through the Wealthy Affiliate platform.  He’s based his ‘review’ on discussions he’s had with others – that to me is NOT a review.


The post relates directly to what I’ve said above – About affiliates of Wealthy Affiliate – being part of the reason WA is being called a scam.

As far as this post calling Wealthy Affiliate a scam you can make up your own mind.  You should definitely do your due diligence, I always do…

If you have any questions regarding my point of view of WA, please leave them below in the comment section.  I’ll get back to you as soon as possible – usually within a day or so.


Wealthy Affiliate Vs Another Program

This is where the problem lies… in my opinion…

Since doing the research on whether WA is a scam or not, I’ve come across a number of affiliate using the Wealthy Affiliate vs Another Program Comparison Table (as you would have seen in the post and as mentioned above).

Here’s an image of the Comparison Table:


Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Table


It’s great that there is such a table but it is being abused by some WA affiliates.  There’s a number of affiliates of Wealthy Affiliate using this method.  They’re calling other legitimate programs ‘scam’ which I think is wrong.  Especially since some of those affiliate’s information is incorrect.

Some of those affiliates haven’t even purchased the programs that they’re calling scam – so their whole ‘review’ is just a big scam.


Come on WA affiliates – Get It Right!   AND STOP using ‘scammy’ tactics – that’s not what the WA training is about and it’s certainly NOT what Kyle and Carson teach!

Kudos to those affiliates of WA THAT ARE working above board – a pat on the back to you all !




I’ve been online for over 8 years and I’ve been many platforms, both free and paid as I said above.  These programs help people learn how to make money online.  I feel I know what I’m talking about when I say that Wealthy Affiliate ‘is not’ a scam.

I Give Wealthy Affiliate a Thumbs UpI’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for nearly four months (Update – 7 months) now.  In that time I’ve gone through many sections of the training.  Both the free training and the Premium membership training.


At the point of writing this I really can’t see me leaving WA for many more months.  I’m getting a ton of value out of the Premium membership.  I give Wealthy Affiliate a ‘Thumbs Up’!

But of course there’s always the not so good things in my opinion, which I’ll outline below:


The Things I Don’t Like About Wealthy Affiliate

  • Once you go premium you can’t go back to being a Starter Member with the same account.  So, if you’ve built out your free websites, you go Premium, then stop paying Premium you won’t have access to those websites unless you pay for Premium again


  • I’ve found the platform on WA Very Distracting.  This could be a positive OR a negative really.  Everything is at your fingertips, so you can see most things that are going on.  This can, and does for me, cause a distraction when I’m going through the training.


  •  Hmmm… that’s about it really.  I can’t think of anything else that is a negative but if I come across anything I will definitely post it here.


All In All – What is the Wealthy Affiliate Scam – Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam – Not In My Opinion


I know you can find the training for free on other training platforms like Warrior Forum, YouTube etc, BUT…

And For Me   –   This Was a BIG BUT…

Wealthy Affiliate Gets the Big Tick


With the platforms I’ve worked on in the past, not EVERYTHING was in ONE PLACE except with Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve been on many other training platforms before.  I’ve found that I’ve often needed to go somewhere else for additional information.  That’s why I like WA, all of the training is there – All In One Place.


Well, that’s me…

Go and check out Wealthy Affiliate for yourself, let me know what you think …

Thanks for checking out my post.  Again, do you have a comment or do you want to ask a question?  Please post it below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.



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How to Allow Comments on Your Website

WordPress: How To Allow Comments on Your Website

Go to your WordPress Dashboard click on Pages or Posts – this works the same for either.  Once you’ve clicked on either it will bring up a list of all your Pages or Posts so

Once there …

  • Hover over the title of the specific page / post that you want to allow comments on
  • Click on Quick Edit and you SHOULD see a tick box for Allow Comments towards the middle of the page
  • Tick the Allow Comments box and click on the Update button which is on the right hand side.


That’s it, you’ve done itCongratulations, now you know how to allow comments on your website AND your visitors can now leave a comment below your content.


How to Allow Comments on Your Website

Also, without you going out of this section you can scroll down and go through all of your Pages / Posts.  As shown above, just click on the Quick Edit to check that all of the comment sections are ticked if you want comments on any of those separate Pages or Posts.


I hope that was helpful, please leave a comment in the comment box below letting me know if that was helpful OR do you feel I have missed something out OR could I have expanded the explanation further, say with images etc?

I would love to hear from you,

Thanks for visiting,       Jacqueline



The Positives of Allowing Comments on Your Website

Search Engine Optimization on Your WebsiteThere are many positives for allowing comments on the pages and posts on your website.

The main reason is ‘visitor engagement’ and Google elevates websites that have more customer / visitor engagement.  This shows that your website is ‘engaging’ (of course) but it also helps you, the owner of the website, with SEO – search engine optimization.

Part of SEO is not just about the engagement it’s also about how long a person is on your website, if a visitor likes your content they’re more likely to stick around and read more of it – AND … Google likes that your visitors visit more than one page of your website also!


Having Your Visitors Allowing to Comment Also …

  • Creates a two way conversation which generates more interest in your website for your visitor
  • Inside of that two way conversation you can have other visitors wanting to comment and be a part of the conversation too!  Woohoo to you, more engagement!

Visitor Commenting is Great for SEOI have in the past had comments from visitors requesting more information on a subject, which means, that this has expanded my posts to include answers to questions, that I wouldn’t have thought of myself.

Sometimes I’ve needed to actually create a whole new post, in order to answer a question separately, which is great because it’s content that not only that visitor wanted to see, but others may as well.

A win-win for you as the website owner and for your visitors!


The Last, But Not Least, Reason for Allowing Comments …

on your website is the fact that if a visitor leaves a comment, they have now ‘interacted’ with you and your content.Allow Comments on Your Website

This is great because once your visitor has ‘engaged’ with you once they will be more inclined to engage with you again.

Say, if you have a newsletter they are, more than before, likely to subscribe to that newsletter, or take a short course you may be offering… well you could add in any number of things to keep that interaction going.


Well, once again …

Please leave a comment, or if you have any other questions regarding WordPress or anything I’ve written above please get in touch below.  It’s been a pleasure to be able to help, IF I’ve been able to do so!

Thanks for visiting AND I wish you all the best with your online endeavors.


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How to Put Posts Under Pages in WordPress

WordPress: How to Put Posts Under Pages in WordPress

WordPress How ToGo to your WordPress Dashboard, once there…

  • Under Appearance click on Menu
  • Under the top left hand tab click on Edit Menus and click on ‘create a new menu’
  • Give your menu a name and then click Create Menu, example names: Main Menu, Header Menu etc
  • Once done, on the left hand side click on Pages and then click on View All
  • Tick the Pages that you will like to become your main pages.  Then click Add to Menu which is below the list
  • Once you’ve done that those Pages will show up on the right hand side under Menu Structure – leave that for now and…
  • Now you go back to the left hand side and click on Posts – you will see a drop down menu of all the Posts you’ve created
  • Tick the ones you want in the menu and click Add to Menu
  • They will show up in the Menu Structure on the right hand side


 Structuring Your Menu in WordPress

Structure Your WordPress Menu

  • Go to the Menu Structure now – you can now ‘hover’ over any of the Titles of the Pages or Posts and move them around
  • The Main Pages or Posts you want displaying will NOT be indented.  You can place any Page or Post as indented to show up as a part of the Main Page / Post drop-down menu.  It will also show as a ‘sub item’ once they are placed below the main Pages or Posts
  • Another way to explain it is that sometimes these are called the Parent and Child Posts and Pages.  This means you will place the Child Post or Page under the Parent Page.  You can do this by dragging the Child menu item beneath the Parent item and then dragging it slightly to the right
  • You can also create sub menus Under those Child menu items if you wish to do so as well
  • Also, you can move the Pages / Posts around as you wish with whatever you want to show in order of appearance on your menu, as the first topic, the second topic etc,.  You can also do this with the Pages and Posts you indent – the ones slightly to the right
  • You can go through this same process after completing a new Page or Post just by starting at the top of these instructions and singly Make Sure to Click Save to Finishadding that particular Page or Post – that way your menu is up to date and includes all of your current content
  • Make sure to save your Menu when you’ve finished

Well that’s it, you’ve done it!  You’ve completed your menu and now you can move onto your next lot of content – Well done!

Just so you know…

I will extend this explanation if need be, please leave a comment below if you’ve found this helpful.  OR if you think I’ve missed something out OR if it isn’t what you were after in the first place and you wish to ask another question!

I’m going to be creating ‘how to’ posts as I’m being asked ‘how to’ questions  and posting them here so please let me know if I can help you!


The Positives of Structuring Your Menu

As you would have already figured out, structuring your menu creates a more cohesive website.

It also means your visitors can navigateVisitors Can Navigate Through Your Website Easily through your website quickly and easily finding ‘just’ the content they want to read.

I think WordPress is a fantastic platform and sometimes it can be hard to navigate through your dashboard to find the things you want to change on your website.

If I can help, I will…


So… once again,

Please leave a comment below if this information was helpful or if you have any questions regarding the above, it would be great to hear from you.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and all the best with your online endeavors.


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What is the Best Online Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2017

So You’ve Been Online Looking for What is the Best Online Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2017

well you’ll definitely find this interesting …

I’m going to talk about an affiliate program called Wealthy Affiliate… AND from here I’m just going to jump straight in …


Quick Recap – How & When You Get Paid as an Affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate

  • Instant Acceptance to being an Affiliate
  • Don’t Need a Website to become an affiliate – you can promote through Email, PPC etc
  • Paid on the 1st of the Month for the previous months commissions
  • Get Paid Directly into your PayPal account
  • Owners Kyle & Carson have been around for over 10 years and have NEVER missed an affiliate payment
  • Banners and Other Media advertising links provided
  • Manage Conversion Tracking of Your Affiliate Links AND PPC Networks – Bing, Facebook and Google Adwords


Here’s a video by one of the owners, Kyle, he will take you through a walk through of what it is to be an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate

Click on the image below – it will open in a new tab to the video

Affiliate Program Walkthrough of Wealthy Affiliate


Whether you’re a free member or paid member of Wealthy Affiliate, as an affiliate you get paid on the 1st of the month for the previous month and it’s paid directly into your PayPal account.

Wealthy Affiliate Owners – Kyle and Carson – have been around for over 10 years and have ALWAYS PAID ON TIME AND IN FULL the affiliate commissions owing to their affiliates.

Whether you yourself sign up for a free membership or a paid membership you are AUTOMATICALLY an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate – there’s no ‘hoops’ to jump through to promote WA – I liked that you instantly become an affiliate – sometimes it can become a real hassle JUST TO become an affiliate of a program or network.

When your visitor comes to Wealthy Affiliate they will sign up with a free account.  Your goal at this point is to get them to set up their account AND…

If they become a Premium member or they stay a free members the pay-out is as set out below:


Earn Revenue by Referring People to Wealthy Affiliate


If You’re a Premium Member With WA and Your Visitor Signs up for Premium

and they pay:


For a Yearly Subscription of $359.00   –   your commission is   $175.00 recurring

For a Monthly Subscription of $49.00   –   your commission is   $23.50 recurring

Initial 1st month of $19.00   –   your commission is   $8.00

2 Credits – They set up their account   –   your commision is   $1.00   (.50c per credit)


If You’re a Starter Member (a Free Member) With WA and Your Visitor Signs up for Premium

and they pay:


For a Yearly Subscription of $359.00   –   your commission is   $87.50 recurring

For a Monthly Subscription of $49.00   –   your commission is   $11.25 recurring

Initial 1st month of $19.00   –   your commission is   $4.00


As you can see from the above, the difference as an affiliate of WA is that if You’re a Paid Member YOU GET PAID ABOUT DOUBLE than that of a free member.


How to Learn Affiliate Marketing for 100% Free With Wealthy Affiliate

Either as a free or paid member of WA you can learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate with their Free Affiliate TrainingThe WA Affiliate Bootcamp

Kyle takes you through a   Step by Step   video and text training on how to create an affiliate website where you can promote Wealthy Affiliate and ANY OTHER AFFILIATE PROGRAMS you come across.

Here’s an Outline of the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training


PS.  As a WA affiliate, if you meet certain criteria, you could win a trip to Las Vegas in early 2018 – That’s My Goal.

If you click on the image below you’ll be taken to a post that Kyle put up about the trip they had in February this year – 2017.

The Best Affiliate Training Program in the World

I’ve been online for over 8 years now and I’ve also been through the Bootcamp myself.  I’m blown away by the simplicity of the training and how easy it is to follow through and perform the simple tasks.  This training really is second to none.

I know there’s a lot of affiliate programs and networks out there to choose from and I’m using a few of them.  For me it’s an absolute pleasure to be able to promote WA, they ‘have it all’ when it comes to being an affiliate.


Have you had dealings with other affiliate programs / networks before?  I would like to hear from you if you have or even if you haven’t, or, if you have any questions, please leave them below and I will get back to you ASAP.



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