What is the Best Online Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2017

So You’ve Been Online Looking for What is the Best Online Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2017

well you’ll definitely find this interesting …

I’m going to talk about an affiliate program called Wealthy Affiliate… AND from here I’m just going to jump straight in …


Quick Recap – How & When You Get Paid as an Affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate

  • Instant Acceptance to being an Affiliate
  • Don’t Need a Website to become an affiliate – you can promote through Email, PPC etc
  • Paid on the 1st of the Month for the previous months commissions
  • Get Paid Directly into your PayPal account
  • Owners Kyle & Carson have been around for over 10 years and have NEVER missed an affiliate payment
  • Banners and Other Media advertising links provided
  • Manage Conversion Tracking of Your Affiliate Links AND PPC Networks – Bing, Facebook and Google Adwords


Here’s a video by one of the owners, Kyle, he will take you through a walk through of what it is to be an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate

Click on the image below – it will open in a new tab to the video

Affiliate Program Walkthrough of Wealthy Affiliate


Whether you’re a free member or paid member of Wealthy Affiliate, as an affiliate you get paid on the 1st of the month for the previous month and it’s paid directly into your PayPal account.

Wealthy Affiliate Owners – Kyle and Carson – have been around for over 10 years and have ALWAYS PAID ON TIME AND IN FULL the affiliate commissions owing to their affiliates.

Whether you yourself sign up for a free membership or a paid membership you are AUTOMATICALLY an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate – there’s no ‘hoops’ to jump through to promote WA – I liked that you instantly become an affiliate – sometimes it can become a real hassle JUST TO become an affiliate of a program or network.

When your visitor comes to Wealthy Affiliate they will sign up with a free account.  Your goal at this point is to get them to set up their account AND…

If they become a Premium member or they stay a free members the pay-out is as set out below:


Earn Revenue by Referring People to Wealthy Affiliate


If You’re a Premium Member With WA and Your Visitor Signs up for Premium

and they pay:


For a Yearly Subscription of $359.00   –   your commission is   $175.00 recurring

For a Monthly Subscription of $49.00   –   your commission is   $23.50 recurring

Initial 1st month of $19.00   –   your commission is   $8.00

2 Credits – They set up their account   –   your commision is   $1.00   (.50c per credit)


If You’re a Starter Member (a Free Member) With WA and Your Visitor Signs up for Premium

and they pay:


For a Yearly Subscription of $359.00   –   your commission is   $87.50 recurring

For a Monthly Subscription of $49.00   –   your commission is   $11.25 recurring

Initial 1st month of $19.00   –   your commission is   $4.00


As you can see from the above, the difference as an affiliate of WA is that if You’re a Paid Member YOU GET PAID ABOUT DOUBLE than that of a free member.


How to Learn Affiliate Marketing for 100% Free With Wealthy Affiliate

Either as a free or paid member of WA you can learn how to promote Wealthy Affiliate with their Free Affiliate TrainingThe WA Affiliate Bootcamp

Kyle takes you through a   Step by Step   video and text training on how to create an affiliate website where you can promote Wealthy Affiliate and ANY OTHER AFFILIATE PROGRAMS you come across.

Here’s an Outline of the Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Training


PS.  As a WA affiliate, if you meet certain criteria, you could win a trip to Las Vegas in early 2018 – That’s My Goal.

If you click on the image below you’ll be taken to a post that Kyle put up about the trip they had in February this year – 2017.

The Best Affiliate Training Program in the World

I’ve been online for over 8 years now and I’ve also been through the Bootcamp myself.  I’m blown away by the simplicity of the training and how easy it is to follow through and perform the simple tasks.  This training really is second to none.

I know there’s a lot of affiliate programs and networks out there to choose from and I’m using a few of them.  For me it’s an absolute pleasure to be able to promote WA, they ‘have it all’ when it comes to being an affiliate.


Have you had dealings with other affiliate programs / networks before?  I would like to hear from you if you have or even if you haven’t, or, if you have any questions, please leave them below and I will get back to you ASAP.



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How To Join Wealthy Affiliate in 2018

Hey there, since you’re on this page you must have been searching for How to Join Wealthy Affiliate 2018 or asking Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate 2018 or something close to that.  Either way I’ve got quick answers for both questions!


You Can See How to Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free Now – Below:

If  it   IS THE CASE   that you want to join Wealthy Affiliate Now then   Click   on the image below and you will be taken directly to the Wealthy Affiliate Official Website


Wealthy Affiliate Official Home Page


Once you’re there fill in the details as shown above, it’s all really basic information, and you can be inside the WA platform almost instantly.

Within a short time you will receive a welcome message from either one of the owners of WA, Kyle or Carson, and you’ll be guided as to how best to make the most of the beginners training.


Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate


If your question is more like “Should I join Wealthy Affiliate” I have created A Quick Review of Wealthy Affiliate answering that particular question with a recap of

  • Who the Product Creators Are and a breakdown in the images of what their roles are in the company
  • The Price for the Amount of Content and why I feel that going Premium can take your business to the ‘next’ level
  • The Quality of the Content – this is a biggie as the quality of the content will be the quality of your training, which then in turn, will be the quality of the content that you put out
  • Ease of Use of the Content – once again this is another biggie as you will need to follow step by step through any training and if anything is missing or there’s added ‘fluff’ it can make the use of the content almost void
  • User Level Beginner to Advanced – this was probably one of the most important factors to me, as I’ve already been online for over 8 years and I wanted to make sure that after I had been through the basic training there was still plenty for me to learn – I’m very glad to say that the advanced levels of the training is in itself worth the monthly membership

If you’ve already made up your mind once again, click on the Image Above and you’ll find yourself at the Official Website of Wealthy Affiliate


More Information on What You Get With a WA Membership

I know your question was how to join or should I join Wealthy Affiliate but I just wanted to give you some more information.

Here’s a screenshot of what the difference between having a Free Membership vs a Premium Membership


Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

The main difference that I want to point out with the free membership is that you get   – Live help for only the first 7 days & – After 7 days you will no longer have access to Private Messaging.

I upgraded to Premium after the 7 day trial finished and it’s the best online decision I’ve made.

I had already made up my mind that I was going to go Premium but the fact that the first month of Premium was only $19 was a ‘cherry on the top’.

I’m paying $49 now for Premium and I KNOW it’s more than worth the price.  Premium gives you access to so much more in-depth training and in the first 7 days I had already met a couple of very like minded individuals and I wanted to make sure that I had a way to keep in touch.

Thanks for reading to the end of my post, whether you join Wealthy Affiliate or not, I wish you all the best with your online endeavors.


Whether you’ve had or haven’t had experience with Wealthy Affiliate before … I would like to hear from you, OR, if you have any questions regarding the above, please leave them below and I will get back to you ASAP.



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How to Learn About Affiliate Marketing for Free in 2017

Where and How to Learn About Affiliate Marketing For Free in 2017

Click on the Image Below and you’ll be taken to Wealthy Affiliate.com which is the place I’m going to talk to you about – you can sign up for a free account and Start Your Affiliate Marketing Training IMMEDIATELY – and yes, it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE…


Learn Affiliate Marketing for Free


As you will see from the image – Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over 10 years.  Each year, the owners Kyle and Carson, take the training and the platform to new levels.

They are constantly growing and making sure they’re keeping up, and most times, staying ahead of the competition. AND not just for the most up to date training but creating a more user friendly experience through their website at WA.

If you haven’t heard of Wealthy Affiliate and you’d like to take a look at a quick review – you can see my QUICK REVIEW OF Wealthy Affiliate HERE

I will be posting a full review soon!


The Process of How to Learn Online Marketing for Free

This is the step by step process that you would be going through with the training at Wealthy Affiliate

  • Choose an Interest – preferably something that you have a passion for or you know a bit about. If you don’t know what direction you want to take regarding your ‘niche’ or a field of expertise there’s another option of actually going through specific training to promote the WA program itself
  • Build a Website – around the niche that you have from Step 1. You will create content to put on your website and the content will have targeted keywords in it.
  • Get Rankings in the Search Engines – around the keywords that you have targeted in your content in Step 2 – these keywords will either be found through people searching on a search engine or you could create paid campaigns to send visitors to your content page.
  • Earn Revenue – from affiliate sales – being an affiliate is where you will find products around your keyword that you can promote and if a person comes to your website and clicks on one of your links and makes a purchase – you get a percentage of the sale. The percentage or the amount of commission you’ll be paid will depend solely on the affiliate program that you’ve joined


Stop Struggling to Make Money Online

What’s Your Potential Earnings as a WA Affiliate?

As a free or paid member of Wealthy Affiliate you’re automatically an affiliate of their program which means you can promote the WA program and get paid commissions – I’m so excited to show you this!

I’ve been through the WA Bootcamp training which takes you through the process of how to promote Wealthy Affiliate.  You get paid a monthly or yearly commission if your visitor joins and becomes a Premium member.

The cost to become a Premium member is discounted for the first month at $19.  If you’re a Premium member yourself you would receive $8 as a commission.

That might not sound like much, but imagine if you had 10, 20 or even 100 people that you’ve introduced to WA?

If your visitor continues to be a Premium member and you’re still a Premium member too and they pay the then price of $49.00 per month, after their discounted month, you will receive a commission of $22.50 – every month they are a Premium member.  Can you see why I’m so excited to show you this!

If you stay a free member you will receive HALF of the commissions stated above.

In order to get all of the updated information regarding commissions here’s a post that Kyle put together on WA.  You can see directly what the potential earnings are promoting Wealthy Affiliate

Potential Earnings Promoting Wealthy Affiliate
Potential Monthly & Annual Income With Wealthy Affiliate

I know $49 is a lot of money.  I’ve been online now for over 8 years and the quality and amount of content and training in Wealthy Affiliate is staggering.

You can stay a free member and still get access to a ton of training on how to learn internet marketing for free in 2017.

Take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate Website yourself and see what you think…


Have you had experience with affiliate marketing before?  I would like to hear from you if you have or even if you’re new to researching this type of marketing.  Also, if you have any questions, please leave them below and I will get back to you ASAP.


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Crypto Mania Review – James Renouf Explanation of Crypto-Currency for Beginners

My No Nonsense Crypto Mania Review is Now in for James Renouf’s

first crypto currency product, which in my opinion is for someone completely new to crypto / digital currency who needs an easy step by step guide and introduction to crypto.

At the time of writing this the price is currently just under $13.00

GO HERE TO CHECK OUT All of The Product Reviews

First of all here are the 3 leading comments copied from the Offer Page, posted by Purchasers of Crypto Mania:

Originally Posted by RussFye

This is awesome! The first WSO that I actually made money with!!! If you haven’t already purchased this WSO…BUY IT NOW!!!

   Originally Posted by Chaz

Thanks James. This is the fastest producing product that I have ever bought online. I got some coin within hours of reading this short report. You have started me on the road to something that could be a potential big game changer for me down the road. Thanks again!

Originally Posted by momoney3960

This is a MUST buy !!! No joke I got coin within an hour of finishing this quick course and since then I am getting coin sent to me and it did not cost me one red cent…. Crypto Mania is the bomb !!! Get it get it get it NOW

Here is my quick recap of the product, read below these bullet points for a more in-depth review:

  • Crypto Mania gives you an easy understanding of the concept of crypto currencies
  • James teaches you how to get started straight away by having you create a digital wallet (this process is very similar for almost all crypto currencies and it is where you store your coins once you accumulate them)
  • As it says above with the comments shown, James shows you how to get coins into your digital wallet within hours! He recommends a particular coin to get started with
  • There is a way to get FREE COINS also, almost on a daily basis
  • He opens your mind to the other ways of accumulating crypto apart from mining and trading
  • Where you can go to start mining for coins if you want that as an option
  • A forum you can go to where you can connect with like-minded people on crypto
  • Where to go to buy Bitcoin
  • Where to go to trade your Bitcoin and other alt currencies
  • A site you can go to where you can see the current price of his recommended coin
  • He gives you ways that you can capitalize on crypto currencies over the next few years
  • Crypto Mania was introduced to the Warrior Forum on the 28th of January, 2014 and I am writing this at the end of April, 2014 – approx. 3 months later, the price of the product at this time is approx. $13.00, it is on what they call a ‘dime sale’ which means the price goes up every few sales.
  • A very interesting point I would like to bring up at this time is that there have been over 1,000 units of this product sold to date, it doesn’t matter how many get sold as the whole idea is to have as many people on board with alt currencies as possible, this helps to build awareness with crypto currency which helps to build momentum.

Here is the YouTube Video that James put together to start promoting Crypto Mania:

My Thoughts on Crypto Mania

My thoughts is that Crypto Mania gives you a starting block to understand how and why to get into crypto, then if this is something you are excited about, he has further products which keep filling you in on the understanding and the possible process of then mining and trading crypto.

Before going on, you may want to bookmark this page, just in case you purchase Crypto Mania and wish to go further into the crypto world, you will be able to come back here and check out my reviews on James further Crypto products.

So, like I said, if you are a complete newbie to Crypto Currency then you are in absolutely the right place. If you are already trading or mining you will probably find no more information than you already know in this product to help you along your crypto journey.

Below are links to reviews on James other products, Crypto Slinger and Crypto Trader, you may be interested in these instead. Click on the links below to see my reviews on those products.

Here is a list of James’ crypto products so far:

  1. Crypto Mania released 28th Jan, 2014 – the one this review is about and if you don’t know about crypto and want to learn more and be proactive, this is definitely where you should start
  2. Crypto Slinger released 15th Feb, 2014 – check out my review here
  3. Crypto Trader released 8th Mar, 2014 – check out my review here

So here’s some more in-depth info on James’ Crypto Mania…

If you click on this link you will be taken directly to the Warrior Forum where the product is being sold. There are, at the time of writing this, 13 pages of reviews from people that have already purchased the product, some fantastic, some good and some ‘not so good’ – the not so good is of the minority – which is great.

When you first see the comments you will probably be blown away by how positive they are, for me it was more about looking at the product and thinking about where this could take me in the long term and I am glad that is the way I seen it at the time, as I am now in a place of knowing that in the next couple of years I will have well and truly worked through my financial goals.

What’s Inside Crypto Mania – James Renoufs First Crypto Product

Inside the product he starts off with explaining in layman’s terms about his views on our current currency, fiat currency, and the difference between that and crypto or alt currency.

He then explains about Bitcoin which was the first alt currency, about how he missed the boat on capitalizing on Bitcoin but found alternative coins that he is now trading in and a particular coin that he is highly recommending to purchasers of his product as a good starter. (A Note On The Coin He is Recommending – it is now three months later and he still has the same view of the coin he recommends!)

Oh, actually, not only does he recommend a particular crypto / alt coin, if you email him with your digital wallet address details, (he explains ‘what is’ and ‘how to’ get a digital wallet’ in his report) he will actually send you some coin to get you started. It doesn’t amount to much, you would say it is hardly worth the time to get them…….BUT WHAT IT DOES……is it gets you excited and thinking that it can actually be that easy to get coins, even if you are buying them, and then to actually start trading.

James then runs through places called faucets and names a few, where you can get FREE coins.  If at the time of reading this the faucets are closed, just search for ‘crypto faucets’ and you should find some other replacements.

He says at some point that he was excited when he made 30 percent on one of his mutual funds last year, until he made 40% in one day with one of his crypto currencies, and yes….40% Plus Is More Than Possible!

I know all of this could be way over your head, I must admit when I first started on this journey it was like hearing a whole different language, I have since given this crypto / alt currency plenty of my time…..and now……after buying all of James products and only three months down the track, I am trading successfully in several crypto currencies.

Please, please, please if you are to get into crypto currency, make sure you go through a process, start small and make sure you understand the risks before getting into trading or mining, you will find more on the subjects of trading and mining in the other two of James products.

Actually on that note, you could find all of the information you need on the internet, but, I am so glad I come across James Crypto Mania first. This product gave me an insight into the crypto world, as a newbie, in an easy to understand and in a step by step manner, which was probably the biggest bonus of all.

I really do want to reiterate here the importance of going through a process, you learn a little at a time and with that learning comes the understanding. Wait till you understand the first process and the whys of that process before you move onto the next and absolutely only invest what you can afford to lose, this is a very volatile market and will be for quite some time.

The Negatives That I Found with Crypto Mania

If you happen to purchase Crypto Mania you will find that James doesn’t do a lot of ‘hand holding’. He says things like go to this website, eg,. www.websiteaddress.com and sign up for a free account to buy Bitcoin, take that Bitcoin to this address eg. Websiteaddress2.com and start trading your Bitcoin for other alt currencies….

I kind of understand his reason for not doing the ‘hand holding’, when I read some of the instructions, I think the purpose is so you don’t just rush into crypto, especially with the trading and the mining, he has other products that go into these in more depth.

There are plenty of places on the internet that you can find the answers you are looking for.

So, all in all, I enjoyed the product even though it was very basic….if you want a basic insight into Crypto-Currencies check out Crypto Mania Here.

My Review of Shiny New Object Syndrome – Part 2 of 2 – Yup I’m Impressed

Ok, so we are up to Part 2 of reviewing

“Tiffany Dows “Guide to Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome” at $27.00

Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome
Turn Your Addiction Into An Income with Shiny New Object Syndrome

In Part 1 of My Review of Shiny New Object Syndrome we left off at a few pages before the actual 10 steps for reviewing a product were being put forward.  I had said that up to that point I had really enjoyed the course and I was impressed with the amount of content that was offered, and that was without even having been introduced to the 10 steps yet.

So now we are going to cover the next part of which I consider to be quite comprehensive.  It goes through details in choosing what products to review – and why. I really enjoyed this section as it gave me a lot of things to think about not just in what products I would review but after reading it I felt more confident about who I would be, as a reviewer, as I was doing my product reviewing.

Following this section Tiffany dives into the actual 10 step review process – this is the area where she shows you how to review a product in a specific order.  I won’t go into detail into the steps otherwise this obviously gives it all away, but just to curb your curiosity here are the headlines for the 10 step process:

My Review of Shiny New Object Syndrome – The 10 Step Process

1 – Being Honest About How the Review Came About
2 – Sizing Up the Sales Copy
3 – Describing the Order Process
4 – Implementing on a Schedule
5 – Sharing Your Experience
6 – Sharing Your Results
7 – Your Final Recommendation
8 – Review Compilation
9 – Review Updates Over the Years
10 – Complementary Product Reviews

These 10 steps are thorough and the tips I picked up were invaluable.  Tiffany obviously knows her stuff and it looks as though she has reviewed many products.  A great part of this guide actually is that Tiffany gives you links to reviews she has conducted herself.  Not many product guides give you their own secret sauce, it is sort of like being allowed to look behind the curtain.  Having actual reviews gives an inside look of what goes where first and just gives a view of how everything should flow.  I would say with time, like anything, you will just get better and better, I know I will, especially having a guide like this to reference to.

From what I can see Tiffany has left nothing out, there is no stone unturned for letting the reader know what to review and precisely how to review it in her product Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Objects.

Each of the 10 steps above are covered in detail, each having a page or two commited to just that step, which is quite a bit of content and it is all very easy to follow and makes complete sense.

I have only used a few of the steps that Tiffany has talked about in this particular review and it has definitely given me more confidence to have my voice heard and to know that reviewing a product can be fun as well as a way to make money online with the products I have purchased.

I think I read in part of the guide or maybe in the sales letter that doing a review on a product that you have purchased makes complete sense.  It means that you have committed yourself to not only use the product as you are reviewing it, but to ‘really’ see the pros and cons of what the product has to offer.

Tiffany has a way with words and in parts of reading the product it is almost like she knows what you are thinking, if it’s negative it’s almost as if she is right beside you, scolding you, gently but firmly to put what you are thinking back into a positive spin.  I like the fact that she uses every day language so you are not lost in translation.  Also as you are reading you can see that she does care about your success with the product and she makes herself available for contact or followup.

Quick Recap of SNO Syndrome

Having gone through the product and ACTUALLY ACTIONED what Tiffany has taught in Guide To Cashing in on SNO Syndrome, I am actually very proud of myself.  I don’t think I have followed through with a product to this degree and I am really happy I did.  I would give Tiffany’s product a 9 out of 10, as I said in my header for this part of the review, I am impressed, very impressed would be more like it.

If you don’t have Shiny New Object Syndrome, buy the product on the links above or below…..please put it to use…..and start those reviews of the products that you are buying right now.  Once you have reviewed what you have bought now, go back to your hard drive, pull out those products that are sitting there collecting dust, review them and start making some mullah.  That’s my plan anyway!!

Oh, and if you do review a product that you think is a dud, don’t worry, it will not be a waste of your precious time.  Tiffany gives you several techniques that you can use to still be able to have the review as a dud, but be able to create a positive spin so that you can still make money from that reviewed dud.  No time is wasted and the technique recommendations are very simple and easy to execute as well, you will wonder why you didn’t think of them yourself, they are so simple.

Thanks Tiffany, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another of your products and yes, you are one of the lists that I have stuck with and will stay with for as long as you are online and sharing.  I like your ethics and I like the way you are  ‘real’ with your list – that is hard to come by in the I.M. world.

Honestly, just Go Here.. and Buy Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome, I am positive you will be glad you did!

This is the link to Part 1 of My Review of Shiny New Object Syndrome