Crypto Mania Review – James Renouf Explanation of Crypto-Currency for Beginners

My No Nonsense Crypto Mania Review is Now in for James Renouf’s

first crypto currency product, which in my opinion is for someone completely new to crypto / digital currency who needs an easy step by step guide and introduction to crypto.

At the time of writing this the price is currently just under $13.00

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First of all here are the 3 leading comments copied from the Offer Page, posted by Purchasers of Crypto Mania:

Originally Posted by RussFye

This is awesome! The first WSO that I actually made money with!!! If you haven’t already purchased this WSO…BUY IT NOW!!!

   Originally Posted by Chaz

Thanks James. This is the fastest producing product that I have ever bought online. I got some coin within hours of reading this short report. You have started me on the road to something that could be a potential big game changer for me down the road. Thanks again!

Originally Posted by momoney3960

This is a MUST buy !!! No joke I got coin within an hour of finishing this quick course and since then I am getting coin sent to me and it did not cost me one red cent…. Crypto Mania is the bomb !!! Get it get it get it NOW

Here is my quick recap of the product, read below these bullet points for a more in-depth review:

  • Crypto Mania gives you an easy understanding of the concept of crypto currencies
  • James teaches you how to get started straight away by having you create a digital wallet (this process is very similar for almost all crypto currencies and it is where you store your coins once you accumulate them)
  • As it says above with the comments shown, James shows you how to get coins into your digital wallet within hours! He recommends a particular coin to get started with
  • There is a way to get FREE COINS also, almost on a daily basis
  • He opens your mind to the other ways of accumulating crypto apart from mining and trading
  • Where you can go to start mining for coins if you want that as an option
  • A forum you can go to where you can connect with like-minded people on crypto
  • Where to go to buy Bitcoin
  • Where to go to trade your Bitcoin and other alt currencies
  • A site you can go to where you can see the current price of his recommended coin
  • He gives you ways that you can capitalize on crypto currencies over the next few years
  • Crypto Mania was introduced to the Warrior Forum on the 28th of January, 2014 and I am writing this at the end of April, 2014 – approx. 3 months later, the price of the product at this time is approx. $13.00, it is on what they call a ‘dime sale’ which means the price goes up every few sales.
  • A very interesting point I would like to bring up at this time is that there have been over 1,000 units of this product sold to date, it doesn’t matter how many get sold as the whole idea is to have as many people on board with alt currencies as possible, this helps to build awareness with crypto currency which helps to build momentum.

Here is the YouTube Video that James put together to start promoting Crypto Mania:

My Thoughts on Crypto Mania

My thoughts is that Crypto Mania gives you a starting block to understand how and why to get into crypto, then if this is something you are excited about, he has further products which keep filling you in on the understanding and the possible process of then mining and trading crypto.

Before going on, you may want to bookmark this page, just in case you purchase Crypto Mania and wish to go further into the crypto world, you will be able to come back here and check out my reviews on James further Crypto products.

So, like I said, if you are a complete newbie to Crypto Currency then you are in absolutely the right place. If you are already trading or mining you will probably find no more information than you already know in this product to help you along your crypto journey.

Below are links to reviews on James other products, Crypto Slinger and Crypto Trader, you may be interested in these instead. Click on the links below to see my reviews on those products.

Here is a list of James’ crypto products so far:

  1. Crypto Mania released 28th Jan, 2014 – the one this review is about and if you don’t know about crypto and want to learn more and be proactive, this is definitely where you should start
  2. Crypto Slinger released 15th Feb, 2014 – check out my review here
  3. Crypto Trader released 8th Mar, 2014 – check out my review here

So here’s some more in-depth info on James’ Crypto Mania…

If you click on this link you will be taken directly to the Warrior Forum where the product is being sold. There are, at the time of writing this, 13 pages of reviews from people that have already purchased the product, some fantastic, some good and some ‘not so good’ – the not so good is of the minority – which is great.

When you first see the comments you will probably be blown away by how positive they are, for me it was more about looking at the product and thinking about where this could take me in the long term and I am glad that is the way I seen it at the time, as I am now in a place of knowing that in the next couple of years I will have well and truly worked through my financial goals.

What’s Inside Crypto Mania – James Renoufs First Crypto Product

Inside the product he starts off with explaining in layman’s terms about his views on our current currency, fiat currency, and the difference between that and crypto or alt currency.

He then explains about Bitcoin which was the first alt currency, about how he missed the boat on capitalizing on Bitcoin but found alternative coins that he is now trading in and a particular coin that he is highly recommending to purchasers of his product as a good starter. (A Note On The Coin He is Recommending – it is now three months later and he still has the same view of the coin he recommends!)

Oh, actually, not only does he recommend a particular crypto / alt coin, if you email him with your digital wallet address details, (he explains ‘what is’ and ‘how to’ get a digital wallet’ in his report) he will actually send you some coin to get you started. It doesn’t amount to much, you would say it is hardly worth the time to get them…….BUT WHAT IT DOES……is it gets you excited and thinking that it can actually be that easy to get coins, even if you are buying them, and then to actually start trading.

James then runs through places called faucets and names a few, where you can get FREE coins.  If at the time of reading this the faucets are closed, just search for ‘crypto faucets’ and you should find some other replacements.

He says at some point that he was excited when he made 30 percent on one of his mutual funds last year, until he made 40% in one day with one of his crypto currencies, and yes….40% Plus Is More Than Possible!

I know all of this could be way over your head, I must admit when I first started on this journey it was like hearing a whole different language, I have since given this crypto / alt currency plenty of my time…..and now……after buying all of James products and only three months down the track, I am trading successfully in several crypto currencies.

Please, please, please if you are to get into crypto currency, make sure you go through a process, start small and make sure you understand the risks before getting into trading or mining, you will find more on the subjects of trading and mining in the other two of James products.

Actually on that note, you could find all of the information you need on the internet, but, I am so glad I come across James Crypto Mania first. This product gave me an insight into the crypto world, as a newbie, in an easy to understand and in a step by step manner, which was probably the biggest bonus of all.

I really do want to reiterate here the importance of going through a process, you learn a little at a time and with that learning comes the understanding. Wait till you understand the first process and the whys of that process before you move onto the next and absolutely only invest what you can afford to lose, this is a very volatile market and will be for quite some time.

The Negatives That I Found with Crypto Mania

If you happen to purchase Crypto Mania you will find that James doesn’t do a lot of ‘hand holding’. He says things like go to this website, eg,. and sign up for a free account to buy Bitcoin, take that Bitcoin to this address eg. and start trading your Bitcoin for other alt currencies….

I kind of understand his reason for not doing the ‘hand holding’, when I read some of the instructions, I think the purpose is so you don’t just rush into crypto, especially with the trading and the mining, he has other products that go into these in more depth.

There are plenty of places on the internet that you can find the answers you are looking for.

So, all in all, I enjoyed the product even though it was very basic….if you want a basic insight into Crypto-Currencies check out Crypto Mania Here.

Jacqueline Semmens

Hey Adriana,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, it’s very much appreciated!

Yeah cryptocurrency is a language, and almost a world, of its own. It certainly had me baffled when I first seen James Renoufs products, but after having a wee while to get the ‘basic’ understanding, I’m now ok and more confident with buying cryptocurrency.

Thanks again Adriana, all the best with your future online endeavors.



Adriana Olmedo

Hey! Thank you for your very detailed and dense review! I have been thinking about making the purchase but I it kind of seemed like a scam at first because I have never heard of crypto. I would prefer a little more hand holding and more support especially when trying new things out, but well we can’t have everything. Thank you again, this has really helped me make up my mind 🙂

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