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Have you been in the Internet Marketing or Make Money from Home arena for a while?

Or, are you just starting out?  Those that have been in for a while will probably now know the ‘trappings’ of the industry.  Those of you that are ‘newbies’ PLEASE TAKE HEED to a few words of someone who has ‘been there, done that’.

Hi, my name is Jackie Oxenham and I live in the beautiful Bay of Plenty in Awesome New Zealand.

I review IM (internet marketing) products and I only put up reviews of products that I have purchased myself and have put them to use.  I post my full reviews here on my website!

As a ‘newbie’ or even as a ‘been in for a while’ internet marketer, it is soooo easy to get caught up in the hype and the old saying of “if it looks too good to be true, it probably is” this is something to be kept in the forefront as you are considering purchasing an internet marketing product.

In saying that sometimes I have come across a product where I have thought that exact thing, especially when reading a sales thread, I think, “Wow, this does look too good to be true” and after going through my due diligence with a healthy dose of skepticism I have found several gems for a great price.

As long as you have a ‘process’ that you work through when considering buying you will find yourself better off than most.  Don’t just jump in and buy, have a list of things that you go through first before making that purchase, do your due diligence.

What is Due Diligence?

  • Check out who the author or creator of the product is
  • Have you purchased from them before and if you did, what did you think of the last product?
  • If you haven’t purchased from them before, how did you find out about the product?
  • Did you find out through an email, and if so, have you purchased from the email sender before?
  • If you did purchase from the email sender before, what was the last product like?
  • Look at the track record of the seller and the person who is promoting the product to you
  • Do this just by putting their name into Google, find out if they are a legitimate person
  • Google the name of the product / or the person, with the word …..review…..after it
  • Make sure when you are looking at reviews that you are checking to see if the reviewer has actually purchased the product or not – a lot of reviewers will just ‘borrow’ or copy and paste text or images from the creators sales page and review the product without buying it and physically reviewing the product
  • Basically it is “Doing Your Homework” so you are not Wasting Your Money

There are soooo many so called ‘gurus’ out there that are after one thing and one thing only – your hard earned cash.  There are also the ones that are out there that are not just after your money but are also after you having great success online.

Why Start this Blog?

The reason for me starting this blog is so that I can impart what I have learnt and what I.M. products I have used, what products have worked and what have completely sucked. Throughout my product and guru reviews I will endeavour to hopefully make your journey a lot easier, costing you a lot less and generally trying to head you in the right direction.

Over the past few years I am amazed at how much money I have spent on I.M. products, from simple pdfs and ebooks at $10 a pop right up to paying $995 for an app course, oh……and everything in between!

Crazy I know, but I’m sure, those of you that have been in this gig a while will know exactly what I am talking about. You purchase the ‘next best thing’, the ‘new shiny object’ and then we store them on our hard drives to collect dust.

What do we do then?………you guessed it, we go and buy something else to fill that void …..” what void ” you say……I don’t know…..the void that you think is there but really isn’t.  I don’t know the psychology of why people like you and I do this, but I decided some time ago that IT HAS TO STOP.

How Did I Do It?

I took myself off dozens of email lists, yup, I went to the bottom of emails and clicked the old – UNSUBSCRIBE.  I stayed on the lists of a couple of people that I enjoyed, not only for their IM recommendations but I like their work and home ethics and also their ‘story telling’.

Actually one of the people’s list that I did stay on was Tiffany Dow’s, (now Tiffany Lambert) she has been great with her free lessons and I have purchased several of her products.  One of the products I purchased was Shiny New Object Syndrome, it was actually one of the first reviews I wrote on this website.  Here is the link if you want to go and check out my review….Shiny New Object Syndrome by Tiffany Dow!

After unsubscribing from a ton of lists I only now go to find a product WHEN I NEED IT. This has actually been vital to keeping my spending down, because what I used to do was buy a product because I thought I would need it in the future.  The problem with that is, that it gets lost on your hard drive or you forget that you purchased it in the first place.

So now, that is exactly what I do, only buy products that I need right now, I disregard the “buy now or you will miss out on a great deal” or the “this is on offer for a limited time so don’t miss out” you know what I mean, the catch phrases that get you, hook, line and credit card.

So I guess what you need to look at is this:

  • Know why you need a product
  • Know what product you need
  • And….. actually when you need it.

If it is not needed RIGHT NOW, leave it and concentrate on what you do need.

To Your Success,

Cheers for now,

Jackie Oxenham – New Zealand

*****Check Out my FULL Review of Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome*****

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