How To Join Wealthy Affiliate in 2017

Hey there, since you’re on this page you must have been searching for How to Join Wealthy Affiliate 2017 or asking Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate 2017 or something close to that.  Either way I’ve got quick answers for both questions!


You Can See How to Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free Now – Below:

If  it   IS THE CASE   that you want to join Wealthy Affiliate Now then   Click   on the image below and you will be taken directly to the Wealthy Affiliate Official Website


Wealthy Affiliate Official Home Page


Once you’re there fill in the details as shown above, it’s all really basic information, and you can be inside the WA platform almost instantly.

Within a short time you will receive a welcome message from either one of the owners of WA, Kyle or Carson, and you’ll be guided as to how best to make the most of the beginners training.


Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate


If your question is more like “Should I join Wealthy Affiliate” I have created A Quick Review of Wealthy Affiliate answering that particular question with a recap of

  • Who the Product Creators Are and a breakdown in the images of what their roles are in the company
  • The Price for the Amount of Content and why I feel that going Premium can take your business to the ‘next’ level
  • The Quality of the Content – this is a biggie as the quality of the content will be the quality of your training, which then in turn, will be the quality of the content that you put out
  • Ease of Use of the Content – once again this is another biggie as you will need to follow step by step through any training and if anything is missing or there’s added ‘fluff’ it can make the use of the content almost void
  • User Level Beginner to Advanced – this was probably one of the most important factors to me, as I’ve already been online for over 8 years and I wanted to make sure that after I had been through the basic training there was still plenty for me to learn – I’m very glad to say that the advanced levels of the training is in itself worth the monthly membership

If you’ve already made up your mind once again, click on the Image Above and you’ll find yourself at the Official Website of Wealthy Affiliate


More Information on What You Get With a WA Membership

I know your question was how to join or should I join Wealthy Affiliate but I just wanted to give you some more information.

Here’s a screenshot of what the difference between having a Free Membership vs a Premium Membership


Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options

The main difference that I want to point out with the free membership is that you get   – Live help for only the first 7 days & – After 7 days you will no longer have access to Private Messaging.

I upgraded to Premium after the 7 day trial finished and it’s the best online decision I’ve made.

I had already made up my mind that I was going to go Premium but the fact that the first month of Premium was only $19 was a ‘cherry on the top’.

I’m paying $49 now for Premium and I KNOW it’s more than worth the price.  Premium gives you access to so much more in-depth training and in the first 7 days I had already met a couple of very like minded individuals and I wanted to make sure that I had a way to keep in touch.

Thanks for reading to the end of my post, whether you join Wealthy Affiliate or not, I wish you all the best with your online endeavors.


Whether you’ve had or haven’t had experience with Wealthy Affiliate before … I would like to hear from you, OR, if you have any questions regarding the above, please leave them below and I will get back to you ASAP.



Internet Marketing Product Reviewers



Hello there Jacqueline

I just wanted to stop by and add a comment in support of WA.

First of all, I would like to say “what a great job you have done” on your website. It’s very well put together with clear and concise information.

I also need to mention (for the benefit of Jacqueline’s website visitors) that I am currently a Premium member at WA also and just wanted to offer my opinion and thoughts.

I have spent the last 6 years being around the online marketing business world, and like you Jacqueline I have had experience of many different trainings and products in that time.

I upgraded to Premium level after looking around the WA Platform for just 24 hours! It was clear to me in that time, that I had found something “Very Special” (I only wish I found WA a few years sooner)

It’s very true about the price points of WA being very good as already mentioned but for me,
It’s the training and the community that really made the Big Difference to me. I wasn’t used to having so much direct support being available to me. Having the ability to actually interact instantly with other successful marketers, and, having the ability to use Private Messaging to these marketers (As Premium Member) it’s just blown my mind!

I also wanted to mention (as I think it is important) that I have seen results with a website I have created that I have not seen with any other training platform. I have Website links that are showing up in google search results (first 3 pages) that I have never managed before and I have “Visitors” to my website that are getting there naturally (rather than paying for them) and again this is something I never achieved before.

In my personal opinion, I think anybody wanting to set up an online business for themselves, should seriously consider joining WA. It is clearly the best decision I have made and as you said yourself Jacqueline, a great decision you have made yourself.

Congratulations! on a great job you have done on your website Jacqueline and I look forward to continuing to monitor your progress within WA Community.

Jacqueline Semmens

Hey Damian,

Thanks for leaving such a comprehensive comment, it’s very much appreciated!

I totally get you about “I only wish I found WA a few years sooner”, I feel the same way.

Actually I’m not knocking all of the other training that I’ve been through as there have been some gems for training that I’ve been through in the past.

But I must say that my previous training has paved the way to me really appreciating what I have access to in the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

Not much else to say, except thanks again Damian,

Here’s wishing you all the best with your online endeavors, Cheers,



hi there and nice review,

I read some reviews about Wealthy affiliate before, after I read the first WA review my first though was this is just too good to be true, but as I was searches for negative reviews I couldn’t find any of them, I guess maybe WA is really good, I will definitely try their free membership first before deciding to pay for anything, I’m still a little afraid though this just might be another rip off….

Jacqueline Semmens

Hey Mark,

Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. I get you about it looking too good to be true – and I did the same as you, I did my own research and I only come across a couple of negative reviews.

I’ve been at WA for nearly 4 months now and I’ve since seen a couple more bad reviews so I decided to research some more and I’ve written a post of my own

I hope all is going well for you whether you decided on WA or not, there’s a place for everyone out there you just have to find it for yourself.



Jacqueline Semmens

Hey there and thanks for coming along and leaving a comment.

I’m glad you enjoyed my article and yes Wealthy Affiliate does have a broad range membership of all ages and walks of life.

I’ve connected with some friendly, like-minded people at WA which I’ve been able to help and also be helped at the same time.

All the best with your online journey…

Thanks again, cheers,


Nattawut Pornnimit

Great big clear beautiful linked picture.
Easy read and easy understand an article.
A short paragraph that friendly to the eye scope.
Well summarize How can I resist not to join in the WA community.

Jacqueline Semmens

Hey there Nattawut, thanks for coming along and leaving a comment!

Yeah, there wasn’t much more to say about how to join wealthy affiliate or whether one should or not if they’re still on ‘the fence’.

I get it if people take a while to make that decision, especially with so many ‘not so good’ programs out there. It’s nice to see people doing their due diligence..

Cheers again Nattawut,



Hey Jacqueline! I love how informative and clear your content is. I would also like to say that Wealthy Affiliate is TOTALLY worth it. Thanks for providing such a great website with wonderful content!

Jacqueline Semmens

Hey Brandon,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, awesome!

So you’re obviously a member of Wealthy Affiliate which is great. They certainly know what they’re doing on their platform, I’m just stoked I found them when I did and now it’s taking my online business ‘to the next level’.

Very exciting stuff,

Cheers again Brandon,


Jacqueline Semmens

Hey Gary,

Thanks for leaving a comment it’s very much appreciated.

It’s great you’re already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and like you, that first week sealed the deal for me and then getting the first month at $19 was the cherry on the top.

I get you about WA being for everyone, I know that sounds a bit over the top, but if you really want to build a business online, this is the best I’ve seen in my 8 years of ‘doing this stuff’.

Thanks again Gary,

All the best with your online endeavors.

Cheers, Jacqueline


Hi Jacqueline,
I do have experience with WA, and I am currently a member. I agree that it is definitely worth the money to go premium. I was hooked after the first week and thought $19 for the first month was a steal. $49 a month after that is also a good deal for everything you get.
The community is absolutely amazing.
I like that it’s good for everyone, regardless of their level of experience.
Thanks for sharing this post.

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